Friday, May 16, 2008

Never Enough Time

We have been to Utah and back - way too quick and we wish we could have stayed longer. Grandpa and I rode down with Dean and Laura. We all wanted to visit Alice and see for ourselves how she was. We took Dean's car because it got much better gas mileage than ours, but in the end it would have been worth it to us to be able to stay and visit longer. We were happy to get to visit with Kathy and Karen. Our main purpose in going was to visit Alice and her family. The first afternoon there was very disappointing because Alice could barely open her eyes and did not speak. We felt she knew we were there - she cried when we told her who we were, but when we lef for the evening we all felt she would be lucky to survive for very long. When we went on Wednesday she was quite a bit better and we felt encouraged. Yesterday I called and she was able to talk on the phone and was sitting up in a chair and laughing at things. Now today she is right back where she was, sleeping all day, not talking barely moving around.
Keep her in your prayers, please.

Tomorrow we are going to Cody's birthday party. I got him a card but figured his birthday present wants were probably way beyond what we could do so his card will have a little money in it.

We enjoy having Muffin home and to us she seems MAYBE pregnant - but she is supposed to have these alleged puppies in about 7 days or 6, so we'll see what happens. It has turned hot so now we walk early in the morning. I bought tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloup and marigolds to plant - the marigolds, of course, go in with the tomatoes to keep tomato worms away. I also bought a chocolate mint plant - it smells wonderful - like chocolate and mint. Oh, I also bought some green pepper plants. More flowers will follow next week but must get all this planted first. My columbines are blooming and I have one poppy bud coming along. Maybe I will have some pictures to post next time.


Melinda said...

I'm glad you got to spend time with your sister and my mom, too!

About Muffin, I wish peopel had the gestation period of a sounds so much nicer. (But I'm really glad people come in ones or twos rather than eights or nines!)

Have fun at Cody's party!!

Stephanie said...

I didn't know that about marigolds and tomatoes. Guess I still have a lot to learn about gardening. I hope your sister does okay, and I hope that Muffin has puppies!

McD Fam said...

We're keeping Aunt Alice in our prayers, good luck with Muffin!

Esther and Nathan Manwaring said...

Horray for spring. That is so fun to go out and plant and watch things grow.
Muffin pregnant! wow. What will you do with more little muffins around? How fun.