Thursday, July 31, 2008

Computer illiterate grandma gets help w/pictures

I have been wanting to post some pictures and today Kathy helped me step by step. These are pictures of things growing in my garden. They are only worth photographing because when LaNita was here before the reunion, she and her children pulled all my weeds and tall grass. Now I can bear to look at the garden and enjoy it. The first picture are my green beans. I have picked twice - but you can't see green beans growing because they hang under the leaves.

This is one of my cantaloupe plants. I planted four of them and now I have two, but last year I only had one that survived so that is progress. The one beneath here is a lemon cucumber plant. Lots of blossoms but so far there are no lemon cucumbers on it. My regular cucumbers were supposed to be a bush but have proved to be a vine instead and I have picked several of them.

I had a picture of my green peppers with the (so far) one and only green pepper growing.

We enjoyed the reunion ever so much. Now we are getting ready to go to the Earl reunion at Heber City, Utah. For me this creates anxiety because of the altitude, but grandpa is very determined to go and even the doctor's acvice is not making him stay home.

I enjoyed going back to the Temple to work this week. We were off for four weeks and they have been making many changes in the parking lot and flowers, etc. I was so tired when I came home that even the thought of eating Mexican food did not move me and I ate a bowl of bread and milk here at home. However, today when we left the doctor's office it was after 3:00 p.m. and we had not had lunch, so I asked grandpa if he would like a lunch/supper somewhere. He hates it when he has to combine two meals - he always feels very cheated, but we enjoyed the Mexican food we didn't get last night.

I have been getting quite a few things done around the house that sorely needed to be done, like cleaning out underneath the sink, organizing my pantry, deep cleaning the bathrooms and awful stuff like that. It wouldn't be so bad if everything would stay and not fall into disarray again after while. I have been diligent about playing the piano each day again and getting back onto a schedule for reading my scriptures. Muffin always likes that because she lays on my lap when I read. I'll be more diligent about writing in the future.