Thursday, September 11, 2008

Short Update

I forgot to take my camera with us to Washington so have no pictures of our travels. We attended Madelyn's baptism and visited with Mark & LaNita. We drove up on Thursday, Sept. 3rd and back on Monday, Sept. 8th. We took Muffin with us - I had a friend willing to watch her, but grandpa wanted to take her. She is an adventure to travel with but it all turned out okay. Madelyn was baptised in the family swimming pool!! But water is water right? The font room was already being used at their stake center and Mark's father could not be there anytime except Friday night - hence the swimming pool. We had a wonderful meeting beforehand conducted by the Bishop. There were quite a few people there and LaNita had removed all living room furniture and put in folding chairs from the church.

When we got home we were the recipient of Jenette's willingness and sweetness. She and her girls bottled 42 quart of peaches for us. I had used my last jar and had started purchasing some cans. I can't tell you what that meant to have that done. She said the peaches would not keep until we got back from LaNita's place so we sent our bottles with her. Bless her and her girls!! Then last night the young women and their leaders came to do service. They washed the outside of every one of our windows, including the ones in the garage door. There are so many wonderful people out there and we are privileged to know lots of them.

Today I am making my mother's chili sauce recipe. It smells so good cooking. Earlier I was wondering why I was doing this, especially while I was grinding up onions. green peppers and celery. The tomatoes are all out of our garden. I also made some more granola last night so I feel like I have gotten quite a bit done the last couple of days. Hope the energy lasts.