Monday, April 27, 2009

At least it's getting warmer

I haven't posted anything for a long time because I didn't want to just have bad news all the time. So I waited and right now the only good news is that I brought Grandpa home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. He has had ups and downs but Friday I thought I had better take him in. They kept him 2 days which is not bad. He is feeling better - seems to be his old friend - a combination of heart failure and pneumonia.

We really did enjoy all of the visits we had from family the last couple of months. It was wonderful to have so many family members around the day Aaron's little girls were baptised. We enjoyed the baptism and all of the visiting and the eating. We love the quilt with all of the family blocks. I have not taken a picture to post but I decided I had to post something anyway.

Today I did the dental cleaning thing - glad it's over - and then I took grandpa to the doctor, left jackets at the cleaners, went to Winco and then had to put all the food away when we got home. I got a jury summons so have filled out their questionnaire and submitted it. Then I find that I could have asked to be excused because of my age. I don't mind serving, but I may ask to be excused anyway because I never know how daddy is going to be. Last night grandpa and I went to the High Priest meeting where we saw a nice film with Sheri Dew giving a talk about Joseph Smith and then we had pie and ice cream. I do read your blogs, just don't get comments submitted very often - always in a hurry.

It is nice to have warmer weather. Now if the wind would just die down it would be wonderful. I was able to get the lawn mower started and having been doing the mowing and watering. Jim came to start the riding mower and found that the battery was down and one of the cables had been eaten completely through, so he is fixing that. Kenneth got my weed eater started and used it until he ran out of string. So we are stopped for now, but Kenneth promised to try and till up my garden spot and in spite of myself I am itching to get some plants in the ground.