Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sorry some of you weren't here!

Well we had our empty nesters family home evening last night and it went very well. I worried because I didn't have lots of room for everyone, but they don't really care - they just have a good time eating and visiting and playing games. Our dinner turned out well. I didn't have time to make rolls so bought Mrs. Rhodes texas size whole wheat rolls. They were wonderful and I have some left for us. The pulled pork was great and we had good salads and 3 wonderful desserts. We don't pick and choose - we just all eat some of everything. I put Muffin out on the rope while we ate and when I remembered her I went out and she was not on her leash. I was afraid she had run away, but she was sitting right on the step waiting to be let in where all the fun was. She came in and entertained us for awhile and one of the guys suggested that next time we just all bring our little dogs and let them entertain us all.

My sister, Alice, is very ill and in the hospital in Provo. This is her second time in there in a very short while. Don't know what's wrong with her and they are still running tests and doing what they can. I know her family is very worried. Ruth has added me to her email list for regular updates. Kathy went to see her this morning and Aunt Alice didn't know who she was - and yet it is not alzheimers or dementia that she has.

I am continuing my daily walks with Muffin. Don't know yet if she is going to have puppies. She doesn't look very pregnant and yet sometimes she does, and her habits have changed. She gets in bed with us about 6:00 in the morning and gets up when I do or shortly after. Lately she has stayed there and slept after we are both up. This morning she didn't leave the bed until almost 8:30. Living the life of Riley!


Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

Your dinner sounded wonderful, Mom. We had the old tuna/noodle casserole, since Dave doesn't care for it, and he's out of town. Tonight - dinner with Bill & Karen at the Red Iguana - YUM! (Mexican food)

Stephanie said...

I'm glad your dinner/FHE turned out well. It's always so nice to have people come over for Family Night. We used to have FHE every week with some other couples when we lived in Rexburg, and it was always great.

Sorry to hear about your sister. I hope they can find out what's wrong and help her get better.

Melinda said...

I'm glad to hear your empty nesters FHE turned out so well. I'm now craving pulled pork and Rhodes rolls...

We'll keep Great Aunt Alice in our prayers. That's so sad!

Hope Muffin's prego for you.