Friday, June 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I have been on the road and am glad to be home again. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Jim & I left Wedneday when I got home from the Temple and we drove straight down to Salt Lake City. We were trying to get there before my sister, Alice, passed away. The Lord did indeed bless us - we cancelled our proposed stop in Tremonton and went without stopping to the University Hospital. We got to Alice's room in short order and were there for 45 minutes before she died. Her sons had come and with her husband gave her a blessing of release. Shortly after that they turned off all life support. I felt very blessed to be able to be there and hold her hand. It was a profoundly beautiful spiritual experience and the feeling of peace and comfort was very strong - there were lots of tears of course, but the overwhelming feeling was relief for her release from suffering. I will miss her sorely. Tammy Earl, daughter of my brother Ken and his wife LuDeen, has also passed away. Her funeral was today in Moses Lake, WA. Tammy had lap-band surgery not long ago and she ended up with an infection that spread all through her body. She was only 58 and while that may seem old to all of you young marrieds, it really is quite young to be taken. Grandpa and I will be going Monday morning back to Utah for Alice's funeral. Cherish your loved ones while you have them.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I finished!!

Saturday I walked in a 5K here in Kune sponsored for the American Diabetes Association. I signed up for it with a burst of optimism and then as the date neared I feared I would not be able to finish but decided to go and walk as far as I could. I finished with the support of two sweet sisters who walked with me when they could easily have gone faster. I really appreciated them. I even won a door prize - they drew for several of them. I may sign up for the one associated with Kuna Days or the one in Melba next month. Stephanie's hamburger buns were wonderful and Michelle's cupcakes were every bit as good as they looked. Made me want to get something to stuff some with good stuff when I get some made here.