Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sorry about that. I forgot that some of you may not know Carissa. Carissa is Allen's youngest daughter. She used to come to church with us when she was a little girl, as did her sisters. We don't see a lot of her and welcome times when we can get together.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wedding but no Pics

Well, we went to Carissa's wedding last Saturday and I remembered my camera, but after one picture my batteries were gone. I bought some new batteries at Paul's (lithium like the camera said) and they were the wrong size - got some at WalMart today and now I have a camera again.

We knew Carissa was getting married but didn't know the man's name or much about him. So we were pleasantly surprised when we found he was a member of the church, active, a member one of the Spanish branches in Nampa. The Branch President performed the ceremony. So we have some hopes that perhaps Carissa can remember some of her early days attending church with us and enjoy going with Carlos (Juan Carlos Silva). His mother and sister seemed very nice, the mother didn't speak English but the sister does.

Our weather is very nice now, after a few cold days, and we are enjoying it. I took grandpa to the heart doctor yesterday and to the urologist today. Then we had lunch out which is always a treat. Came home and took a walk - our days are all pretty much the same. I did finish my visiting teaching and am prepared to go to the Super Saturday R.S. is having - I'm taking a dessert - cherry cheesecake.