Tuesday, February 10, 2009

laughter is the best medicine!

It has been interesting to say the least. Grandpa at first was not very happy about not coming home so finding things to laugh about always helps. His first day he had to be "inspected" by the nurses. Quite literally they checked over his whole body for injuries, scars, sores, etc. and made a note of them. This is of course so that they will not be held liable for anything that happened to Grandpa before he got there. When he told us about this I just started laughing. He was so indignant about it. No allowances for modesty - women already know all about that do we not? Then the other day the nurse who came in to take him to breakfast said "after breakfast I will give you a shower." Grandpa assumed that she would show him how she wanted him to shower and then leave him alone. Wrong! She literally gave him a shower - washed him all over except for one spot. We were already laughing when he started telling us about it because we knew the outcome. Grandpa got checked out on his own walker and is allowed to use it instead of the kind they use, and on Sunday he gets to attend an LDS sacrament meeting held there in the facility. He has settled down into a routine now and is getting some productive therapy each day. I go there each day to see him and today I am taking Muffin in. They not only allow but encourage people to bring their dogs in. I am looking forward to Karen & Bill coming on Thursday night.


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

I am glad that you are finding things to laugh about. It really is good medicine. Sorry that we haven't been good about checking in. I will have to fill you in on the goings on here sometime. I love you both!

Kathy said...

It's wonderful that they allowed Muffin to come and see Dad. That has to be in itself, a great medicine.

Sarah said...

I'm glad everything is okay and that you are still able to laugh. I bet Grandpa really enjoyed being able to have Muffin come.