Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Reunion - Seeley Lake, Montana

Kenneth in the power chair that Roger brought for grandpa to use during the reunion. I posted the pictures before writing anything because I was not sure I could even get it done. There were lots of other pictures but I just put up a few of them. We enjoyed the trip a lot and our thanks go out to Kenneth for going with us. I could not have done it alone I know. We spent the first night at Dean & Laura's at Harpster. We enjoyed a wonderful visit and had some real good chicken enchiladas. We left the next morning after more visiting and got to Seeley Lake just before supper time. When we came home we drove it all at once because Kenneth had to be back for work on Monday morning. It took us a few days to recover, but we have more time than money so that's okay.

Grandpa and Darlene saying goodbye at the motel

Grandpa, Kenneth, Darlene & Roger - at the motel just before leaving for home.

The three of us - getting ready to leave

Darlene and Tim - We were glad he could bring her.

Dad, Darlene & Roger

The serving table loaded with food. It looked this way most of the time.

More of the guys.

The woman behind Roger is his wife, Kaye.

Dad's family - they had a great time.

The preacher, Thomas Dean Hendrickson and his wife, Phyllis. She is a sweetheart - he takes some gettine used to

Grandpa and Darlene

Grandpa's cousin, Joanne and his cousin Ross

Dad and Roger

Kenneth on the way to the reuion. It was a beautiful drive. One almost got tired of all the beautiful trees and scenery - almost but not quite.

Ross's wife Lacene. She was responsible for everything and is such a great gal and good organizer, etc. We enjoy her a lot.


Kathy said...

I'm SO glad that you were both able to go to the reunion. I'm sure it was just wonderful for Dad to be able to visit with his brother and sister again.

Karen said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I'm so glad you got to go, and very glad Ken was able to take you folks up there.

Rachel H. said...

Everyone's looking great! I am so happy for your ability to still travel some here and there...I bet it was worth it!