Friday, November 28, 2008

Annette & Grandpa juicing apples after I had my cataract surgery.

Muffin and puppies home from the hospital - about 8 hours old

Just so you can see about how big the puppies are - weighed about 7 ounces at birth

Kathy has been helping me get some pictures up again. I had a lot of little problems and couldn't figure out just how to do this, so now I hope I can keep it up.

Muffin had her puppies on Tuesday, November 25th. She was in labor all day Monday, just pacing and stopping and panting and then starting over again. I felt real empathy with her. I stayed in the family room with her all that night so she wouldn't try and deliver while we were in bed asleep. Grandpa came out about 4:00 a.m. and spelled me off. She started pushing just before 5:00 a.m. and had a puppy started, and then she just quit pushing. So at 6:00 a.m. we took her to the pet hospital emergency room. I told Grandpa I thought we would probably lose the one that was partially born, but we didn't. The vet gave her oxitossin shots to keep her contractions going and she finally had 2 more. Then they had to xray her to see how many more there were because if there was any more than one more they would have to do a c-section because it was too much for her. She only had one more in there, so they gave her another shot and delivered it. So she has 3 females and 1 male.

At first Muffin didn't want to even look at the puppies, but with some urging and help laying down and nursing, she finally got the hang of it, and how she is taking very good care of them.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Jim's house with all of his children and grandchildren, Dave & Kathy & kids, Bill & Karen, Allen & Sioux and Sioux's daughter, Ashley and some assorted people who had been invited also. When we got home we could not put all of the leftovers away, so we did what we could and fixed two bunches of leftovers and took to two of our neighbors who are experiencing very bad times. They were all thrilled and we not only felt great but could now put everything away. We ate pie and turkey sandwiches for breakfast-saved lots of work.

Hope all of you had a great day and lots of good things to be grateful for.


Nicia said...

Cute puppies! I'm glad they were all delivered safely. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving...that's wonderful you were able to share with someone in need.

Kathy said...

So glad you are able to upload pictures again! We had a lovely visit and are so glad we came up. Thank you for all your hospitality and wonderful company, and especially for teaching me how to make toffee! Love you!

Karen said...

Love the pics of Muffin and babies. It was so good to be there and visit and play and rest!! Hope to see you soon. Love you!!

Michelle said...

How cute! Glad Muffin was able to do it without surgery, even though it was touchy, and that all are healthy. They are so adorable!

It was great to see you and Grandpa at Mom's for dinner, thank you very much for the wheat!

Calista said...

I didn't see any more recent updates on your cataract surgery, so I hope all went well with that. The puppies look adorable! Kellen keeps telling me he can't wait until we live somewhere that we can have a dog again. Not sure when that will happen, but I agree with him! Have a fun holiday!!