Monday, August 25, 2008

Same old topic - Food

It seems like I always talk about the food we are eating. That's because in the summer the food is fantastic. Right now our meals consist of stuff out of the garden and my old Bunkerville favorite - homemade bread, milk and grapes. Grandpa doesn't comment on it anymore even.

We did have a doctor day today - those come quite often - almost as often as meals some weeks. I took Grandpa to the dentist - he is thinking about getting new dentures. Then I went for my cleaning appointment. Bad news was that I had a chip out of one of my fillings. Good news was that it was a fairly new filling so they will remove it and do a new one at no cost to me. More bad news was that I have several places in my teeth that are requiring a visit to a periodontist. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is the equivalent of pain & suffering. We have worked hard to avoid it, but diabetes takes its toll.

We enjoyed attending the Twin Falls Temple Dedication, last session on Sunday. Of course it came to us through the dish, but it was a wonderful meeting. It was so quiet in our chapel that we could have heard a pin drop. We had a good friend who saved us some seats up in the front section where grandpa could have his oxygen on the aisle without bothering anyone.

"Doctor Days" wear us out and we are looking forward to an early night.


Melinda said...

Sorry about your doctor days. Those can be a pain, I know. I'm glad you got to be a part of the Twin Falls Temple dedication. That's so wonderful!

Kathy said...

That's wonderful you got to go to the dedication. I'm looking forward to going to the Draper temple when it's done. I can see it up there by the mountain, but don't know how complete it is yet. We're still avoiding the doctor for the most part.....good luck with the dentist, let's hope you get a gentle one!

Michelle said...

I think people are born with a dislike of people who dig around in their mouth... :-) That's great you got to see the dedication, I wish we had remembered to get tickets.

And garden produce sounds wonderful! We have a squash finally growing, about 2 dozen tomatoes getting bigger but are still green, and a whole 2 dozen beans in the freezer! Next year I think we will do more planter boxes and start them earlier in the season...